3 Tips For Using Pinterest For Your Business

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been looking at 13 ways to be healthier in 2013. Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made, just a few months ago? Have you stuck with them? Or are you still trying to remember what they were? Look, change is hard, even if it’s for a good reason, like better health. Instead of being overwhelmed by multiple changes at one time, we’ve been exploring small but gradual changes to help you improve your overall health. So far, we’ve looked at sleep, taking the stairs, letting go of little things, drinking water, trying meatless Mondays, tasting the rainbow, reducing processed foods, getting yourself moving, wearing sunscreen, and getting a checkup. Today we’ll explore the Healthy Habit of unplugging.

My online marketing method of choice is blogging. People always wonder how often to post content to get the kind of MLM success that we expect (or hope for?).

A. The term “food porn” is a relatively new concept/term. While there are many different definitions of food porn, it can generally be considered glamorized photos of food — imagine enlarged, close-up photos of enticing treats like a huge brownie with marble-sized chunks of chocolate chips, dripping with fudge oozing down the side.

On the day’s my daughter is home from child-care, I run on a half-hour schedule. Thirty minutes for work, thirty minutes for house cleaning, thirty for spending time with her. Rinse and repeat. That usually means I can get around two hours a day of work in before my son gets home from school (in which the schedule goes out the window as he wants the computer for homework).

4) Connecting other social media profiles with sites like pinterest. They have made it super simple, you can sign in with either Facebook or Twitter. You can post to either of the platforms with a simple click of a button. I love to share all my “pins” on Twitter.

Valentine’s Day Poems – Believe it or not, there’s a poet in all of us. Well, there’s at least a Googler in all of us. Even if you’re not Wordsworth or Longfellow remember this, Maya Angelou says the most eloquent words every spoken are, “I love you.” And, who’s gonna’ argue with one of the greatest spiritual voices of our time? Find some words of beauty to grace an object of interest now you have another unique Valentine’s Day gift that didn’t cost a week’s wage.

Thank your host. – Follow up with your host a few days after the show. Talk with her about how things went, ask her if she has feedback for you and provide constructive feedback for her if appropriate. Ask if there any comments from listeners, ratings, etc. If all went well, find out if its appropriate to schedule a future interview a few months ahead.

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