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I have now been married for seventeen years to the same woman. Her name is Marina, but I call her Rose. I’ll tell you why later in case it doesn’t become obvious.

“Thank you.” She took the mirror back. We exchanged names. I was disappointed to leave the encounter, but started back down the stairs. I still had to get home. Dinner wasn’t going to reheat itself after all.

It was unexpected to watch one of the most influential Rock bands of all times making an appearance at the American Idol Finale last May. Shaking that memory off, this band definitely knows how to leave a trademark in history, from a KISS Lunch Box to declaring August 24 as KISS Rock ‘n Roll day in the state of South Dakota (not to mention the Kiss condoms and tooth brush) they have managed to survive pretty well since 1973. They were the first music artists to make LIVE version albums and since then, they have been doing what they do best, being on stage. Gene Simmons is the demon, famous for spitting blood but also for being a good dad on his TV show “Family Jewels”. Along with him we will see Paul Stanley (Star Child), Tommy Thayer (Space Man) and Eric Singer (Cat Man).

No wonder it is unanimously agreed and felt that weddings have to be special. Since it takes place once in a lifetime it has to be one of the most memorable days in our lives.

Visualize – choose something that makes you feel happy. This could be anything, anything at all. The only pre-requisite is that it could be visualized vividly. Say, you loved the time when your mother used to bake cakes for Christmas. Close your eyes and imagine the kitchen, see your mum baking, smell the cake in the oven, hear the sound of Christmas nyimbo mpya za aslay and so on. You need to involve all your senses and dwell on each of these senses for a while so it would be like you are reliving them in the present. There are two things you need to ensure when you visualize your favorite scene or scenes – (i) it should be completely realistic and natural, and (ii) it should involve all your senses – touch, taste, seeing and hearing.

I only knew Curtis through Hollywood biographies and the gossip memorabilia I found when in college. I collected those kinds of things because I liked studying film stars. I wanted to know what made them special, how they worked and where they got that “star” quality. I received as a birthday gift Tony Curtis: The Autobiography in 1993. I read that book ten times over. What an incredible life that brought Tony fame, fortune and an abundance of living.

It being mid-November I turned to teach from Luke Chapters 1 and 2 and Matthew Chapters 1 and 2 dealing with the factual reality of the birth of Jesus Christ – and then from Acts Chapter 2 on how the Risen and Living Jesus birthed and launched the Church.

Observe this etiquette, I urge you. It can save you a lot of heartache and give you a tremendous leg up if you understand the WHEN and WHERE of flirting. Also REMEMBER that at times, you are EXPECTED to do some flirting!

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