How To Make Your Own Blog With WordPress

There are millions of WordPress blogs on the internet, but the majority of them are not optimized for the search engines. This article explains 7 ways that you can make your WordPress blog more search engine friendly.

The WordPress platform is a large website and can run slowly. Blog posts actually import very quickly, but it may take the import function some time to reflect that all blog posts have been imported. WordPress baserad sida also will not import duplicate blog posts. When blog posts are all imported the ‘magic button’ will read ‘Set Authors’. I don’t do anything with this as I am the only author of my blogs.

Link to other blogs from your blog when you discover a great article. The blogosphere is a community, not a dog-eat-dog competition. Most bloggers value their relationships with other bloggers, and appreciate it when another blogger writes an article about something great on their blog. Be generous of spirit and it’s likely that the blogger you wrote about will link back to you with a comment as well.

AdWords are a situation of what’s good for one person might not be what’s great for everyone. See, if you have the know how and the funds it really can be a good way to market. I would never suggest that it’s the only thing you do to market your business online however.

Of course there are other skills that you can leverage but they are usually much more complicated like redesigning WordPress blogs websites writing iPhone applications writing CSS and HTML codes and other crazy stuff.

How long will it take you? It depends on your experience and really only you can answer that question. How long will it take you to put together a product? Digital products are the easiest to move because there doesn’t have to be any overhead. If you write an eBook or create software yourself, you can sell as many copies as you want online without having to pay any overhead at all. No print costs. No manufacturer costs. No distribution costs.

Use blog commenting as a way to engage people in your industry and build relationships with other bloggers. The relationships you create will be the key to your success as a home based business owner.

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