How to Obtain Targeted Traffic Through SEO

The jury of search engine experts over at SEOMoz has weighed in, and here are the top factors affecting search engine placement, according to them, with my comments.

WordPress gives you a big head start in the seo race by providing the core features for you to implement your keyword strategy. You can use search-engine friendly URL’s, edit the META tags for each page, and include Header Tags and Alt Tags directly in the Content Management System. In addition, most theme designers take api google search very seriously and code their themes to strict SEO best practices.

Its contents should give consumers something they are looking for, to satisfy a need for the user. If this is in the form of description of goods, which describes the services offered or the provision of information in the form of an article, you must communicate clearly.

So as I already said, link between these two blogs often. You can create a little network of related blogs, all linking to each other, and each helping the other with search engine placement. Here’s an important tip: use keywords in all your blog names, URL’s, post titles, article titles and in all of your links; when the search ssearch engine spiders follow your links you don’t want there to be any doubt what those links are about!

search engine rankings can let a web page owner, know what words are being searched the most. They can use this information to help make their articles more valuable. Placing the right words in articles and linking them back to certain sites, can increase the rate of traffic flow to a particular website.

Now that you have in your subjects, the time has come to start blogging. When you are blogging for marketing purposes, and I want to give your readers something that they have to keep returning to. Wants to reach its peak and make it more like you. This will stay on the base of readers and will allow you to be followers that will follow you anywhere to find out what you will say next to their favorite subject.

Use beautiful and professional looking theme / template and header image for your blog. There are many free templates available so you can easily get one suitable to your blog. Choose 3 column template which uses full 1024 X 768 resolution.This gives you more space.

At the risk of sounding like I’m waffling, there are certain circumstances in which you may still wish to build it yourself. You may just be starting out, and simply don’t have the capital available. That is fine, just recognize that you are in essence paying yourself less than market, and your ramp up time to profitability will be longer.

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