Martial Arts Training Tips – Effective Kicking Tips – Roundhouse, Side & Back Kick

As I neared several months of my fiftieth birthday, I decided that I would try to get myself back into better physical conditioning. Despite being an avid and enthusiastic practitioner and instructor of filipino martial arts, namely, Kali, I soon realized that I was very efficient, and trying to improve my condition by my Kali practice wasn’t going to work well for me. I knew that I needed something else.

You can learn from your losses as well as your wins, sometimes more so. Keep training and improving your conditioning and one day it will pay off. Progressing in your mixed martial arts will only happen with patience and persistence.

For many, it would seem like this is the first area of focus you should work on – a training location. However, I believe this might be one of the reasons that many of us limit our training potential. It is easy to decide to begin training when you have cleaned out your garage. However, once you are training and have that ball in motion – it will certainly help you to get a set area to train in. A home dojo if you will. I prefer the backyard, but a garage dojo is great too as you can open the door and let the air in. Having a set location or CONTEXT will not only constantly remind you to train, it will also help you to prepare quickly and get into the right state of mind each time you begin training.

Let’s say that you have just finished a wonderful children’s intro lesson. The student is all smiles and you know that he enjoyed the lesson. You noticed Mom nodding every time you used character development techniques during the lesson so she obviously is pleased that you focused in on the things that she wanted to see.

Recently I have had cause to reflect on the direction of my life and the changes taking place in it. I kept coming back to something that I tell my students all the time in class…Train From the Heart. Now, this doesn’t just apply to their kung fu training in kolkata. This is also something I ask them to apply in their everyday lives.

The groin kick is one of the best martial arts moves to learn. You can use any method necessary, including the kick to inflict as much damage as you can to the groin of your opponent. You may want to try pulling, punching, twisting, grabbing, stomping, or even biting to deliver damaging blows. This is one of the most sensitive parts of a male’s body, making any injury very effective.

Instead, I took another step forward and chambered both my hands, palm forward, elbows bent: the left one at shoulder level; the right, at my hip. I shouted a Kiai, the warrior yell, and launched a double palm heel strike, imagining both my palms penetrating through his body. I made contact with his bladder and the underside of his cheekbone. They were both prime acupuncture points; but just as the meridians could be used for healing, the pathways could also be blocked.

The benefits are real. What I have learned in martial arts I can transfer to my business life and I’ve been very successful. For example, when I have to train for a competition the biggest thing is the physical and emotional preparation; you have to be as well conditioned as possible before you stepped into the ring. In the business world you’ve got to do the same thing. I’ve never lost a competitive proposal, and that is because of my martial arts training. I’ve always been prepared. You need to be ready for any event in the business world.

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Martial Arts Training Tips – Effective Kicking Tips – Roundhouse, Side & Back Kick

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