Our Top Ten Team Building Exercises

You may have heard of the place – the only 7 Star hotel in the world, the world’s tallest building and an entire population of business people living on million dollar villas built on land reclaimed from the sea and shaped into palm trees so they can be seen from space.

Proper planning, foresight, hard work, perseverance and a little luck should get you to the finish line. How successful you are, means something different to all of us.

Inflatable bouncy units are made adult-sized nowadays. Many of these units can be used for adult team building. Obstacle courses, jousts, sumo suits, and boxing rings are great examples of inflatable units that can be used for team building.

In a way they were “co-designing” their alliance, or their relationships and how they would “be” together throughout the year. Clear, concise, to the point. This is something I often do with my clients and their teams or business partners (and sometimes even marital partners.) “Here’s what I promise…Here’s what I want…Here’s what we can expect…” If someone forgets, they have an easy reminder and place of accountability to check back with. Most importantly, they know what their agreements are up front.

The goal of All-Teamed-Up is to help people make money online no matter their experience. And that’s being done through the concept of “Total Teamwork” and the creation of what they call as “Team Builds”. It’s a new idea of making Network Marketing work for all of us who have been struggling online for a long time without finding success.

To build the thriving business you want to have, you must promote yourself from technician or manager to CEO. When you’re spending your day working on client work verses on the business, there’s no leadership. And a business needs a leader to grow. You need someone to make these strong and powerful decisions, and that someone is YOU.

Consider this… the big players don’t compete with each other on price. They just keep advertising their products and ignore their competitors. However, chances are, you don’t have the same marketing budget as they do, right? So, how do you slice up the market with your competitors?

Working hard will reveal the true power behind the MLM home based business model: The power of duplication, building leaders, and developing their incomes while developing yours. Working towards this will create a team of leaders that will stay excited about their future with their MLM business.

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