Room Remodel – Five Ways To Create A Room Without An Addition

One of the best ideas is to create a haunted house leading into the main part of the party. By using heavy black tarps, you can create walls for additional rooms in the area you plan to make your haunted house. By placing temporary walls up using black tarps, you make it easier to adjust the room as you see fit, also, it helps to give the illusion of a darker area for your guests.

If you are budgeted and cannot afford panels with sections, you can apply fabric wall panels to rapidly present your basement, your attic or your garage a finished appearance. Other kinds of wall panels are available to make walls more durable.

That was because the shopping aisles were barricaded by construction enclosures and product display cases from the door all the way to the checkout area. Why, I don’t know, but you couldn’t enter the store proper without going through the checkout stations towards the merchandise. That strikes me as a bad idea; as I explained to the cashier, if the store happened to be mobbed, and a hundred people wanted to put their purchases through the checkout stations, there I would be, fighting traffic to go the wrong way through all those people, trying to get into the store. Explain it to me, please, because it doesn’t make sense.

Of course, one of the first things to consider is budget and space. Depending on the budget, a minimal but functional playroom can be created or if the sky is the limit with funds, the children can have a fantasy playroom. The amount of available space will come into play as well. Will the playroom take up all of the basement or just a room or section? After answering these questions, the remodeling can begin.

Dollar store window clings. Dollar tree has some very cute St. Patrick’s Day window and wall clings cheaply priced at $1 for a large sheet of about 8 clings. Two packages of St. Patrick’s Day clings are enough to decorate the windows or brighten up the closet doors.

Aluma-Lite – Aluma-lite is a good choice for large rigid signs. It is lightweight, strong, and will not rust. Aluma-lite consists of a thin aluminum sheet affixed to a plastic CPA core. Typical thicknesses are 6mm (1/4″) and 10mm (25/64″). Colors are available in 6mm. AlumaCorr is another popular brand name for this type of material.

Wainscoting is practical in covering the lowest and most susceptible portions of the wall. Wainscoted walls are attractive and decorative, and require minimum cleaning. It is resistant to damage. Many people still prefer wainscoted walls even if wallpapers and modern paint are becoming more popular.

By the way, you can still have refreshments after everyone has gone through the Haunted Garage. I have made a Haunted House in my 2 car garage for a Halloween Party and everyone had so much fun.

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Room Remodel – Five Ways To Create A Room Without An Addition

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