The Top 7 Dental Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

There are bunches of ways you can effectively promote and advertise your dental practice. But in today’s article, I’m going to talk about 3 common steps that can help make your dentist marketing more effective.

On a free tele-class wherein I invited a bunch of doctors, among the questions that I received from them were “How do I know where to start with your marketing?”, and “How do I know if my practice can be helped with marketing?”. What I gave them was a round about answer. But it’s a fair one nonetheless. and it explains what you REALLY need to think about in dental marketing services instead of being misled by a consultant or marketing representative. Here are two specific measurements that I like to look at which helps me objectively coach my clients on the “health” of their practice.

Recently though, I have noticed that my clients have not been taking enough advantage of having a captive audience in their practices. I mean, here they have a patient sitting in their chair for a whole hour or two or more, right? What thoughts, other than “I’m in pain,” “my butt and back hurt,” and “I can’t wait to get out of here,” can we get into their heads?

You could them post all of your information about Invisalign, or information you use in marketing dental implants on one, and on the other, post a structured presentation that takes your patients step by step through the information you want to present.

Get mailing lists of (target markets = prospective customers) and do a series of 3 mailings of postcards to them, follow up and close all leads by making appointments that then show up to your office for an exam.

No. 1 – Call the people who have undone treatment. Yeah, imagine that! A FREE call! And guess what? You’ll close a TON of treatment because of it. Additionally, it puts the responsibility squarely where it belongs (my opinion, mind you): on the doctor and staff. You see, you are doing your patients a disservice by NOT having them complete necessary treatment. Cosmetics are a different story and require a different approach. But, for general health reasons, you should do what it takes to get your patients moved to the decision – Yes, I am going to get that treatment done. It’s all done by script, so there’s nothing that cannot be copied or duplicated by any staff member with idle time.

What I really enjoyed about this passion fruit cheesecake recipe is that the crust, because it is not the standard graham cracker crust, has a buttery, but not overly sweet taste that really complements the fruit filling. In fact, the entire recipe is fairly light on excess sugar, which is to your advantage if you are watchful with your intake in order to avoid dental consulting appointments for possible cavities!

Stretching is so easy and time efficient, yet so beneficial. By making a habit of it in your daily routine you will wonder why you didn’t do it before! As a dentist, this information should be added to your dental website marketing to help your patients lead a healthy lifestyle.

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