Choose A Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

There are few other life events so steeped in tradition as weddings. Do you know the origins of our present day customs? Why do we follow them? Well that one is easy you do it because your mom did and her mom and so on back countless generations. Here is some of the history behind many of our modern day wedding traditions.

Best Man Back when a man would steal his bride, he would often have to fight her male relatives to keep her. He depended on his best man (friend) for help in fighting them and to get him and his bride safely to the church.

Bridesmaid Dresses are often identical in style and color. Why? In ancient times the brides friends and female relatives would dress exactly like the bride in an effort to fool evil spirits bent on spoiling her happiness.

Embellishments are also important factors to be decided. Beadwork is a very common decoration for bridal shops in Dallas but you can also try to accentuate it with crystals to create a shimmering effect that serves to make the gown sparkle. The accent can either match or contrast with the chosen dress color.

The wedding flowers for the fall can be mums, daisies, roses, and sunflowers. Line up the flowers on the wedding aisle with lighted candles. It provides warm and cozy entrance for the groom, bride, and sponsors.

Most bridal salons purchase their inventory from dress manufacturers. You, the bride, will order the size closest to fitting you and then it will be altered to fit. But do not mistake alterations for a couture dress. Couture gowns also feature far more expensive materials than those used in other dresses, such as French laces and Italian silks.

The Empire Waist gown would be one of the most flattering for this body shape. The Empire style can create the illusion of proportion by enhancing the bust, while gracefully concealing the bottom half. This is done by creating a false waistline just beneath the bust, which gives the appearance of a small waist, thus creating a nice proportionate silhouette.

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