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So when Valentine’s Day is getting closer, cute love quotes are one of the easiest things you can find to make your special romantic day more special. By using romantic love quotes that are cute and funny, you can bring more romance and fun to your day this year.

So I’m looking for a book to read during the summer. I’d like one set abroad or I don`t know a tragic pune call girls (I like a book to make me cry) haha if anyone could suggest anything that would be great 🙂 x *Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda…

An umbrella. Sending an umbrella, for some people, represents that you will give your sweetheart the most thoughtful care under any circumstances. An umbrella is just like care from boyfriend and would bring safety to girls.

Pay attention when your spouse mentions things he or she likes or expresses interest in something that could make a good gift, such as a new CD, a book, or theater/concert/sports tickets. Be on the lookout for ideas for birthday, holiday, and anniversary gifts, plus “no reason” surprise gifts. It’s very flattering to know that someone really tried to find a gift that was just what you wanted.

Look at it this way. If you meet a guy and you have a preconceived notion that you’ll want to marry him within two months, you’re setting unrealistic goals, you’re going to feel the pressure to win him over fast and you’ll end up putting too much stress and strain on what could be a great relationship. Too much strain and the guy will buckle under and give up.

You need to be smart and confident, but on the other hand, you also need to act “dumb” sometimes. The reason being because your husband will love even more when he feels his role in your life is important when you seek for his assistance and advices sometimes. Men like women to adore them. So, you can try and ask him for help even when you don’t need assistance at times.

It is overwhelmingly difficult sometimes to do this but never initiate contact with your ex. This is because of the signal that this sends. If your ex believes that your life is at a standstill, the chances of you affecting a comeback are minimized. The idea is to make your ex believe that you are doing great without them.

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